Real Name: Alexandra
Birth Date: April 6, 2000
Age: 21
I am: A Woman
Interested In: Men
Location: Moscow

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Her full lips developed into a smile all over as she watched her darling battle against the delights — freedom — that was so close. The blaze in her eyes focused with a light that rested somewhere inside her, her extravagance to his aggravation lighting up the light; he adored the manner in which she partook in her, how she let him experience like this, and he cherished her like a person. He couldn’t resist the opportunity to adore her considerably more as her thumb scratched at the highest point of his penis, spreading drops of pre-infusion and sliding significantly more on her hand.

“Wow!” he thundered with delight and grasped the backs of his seat with his hands until his nails dove into the wood. He welcomed the aggravation as he followed his request not to siphon it into her hand: he would have rather not resist his Lady. He needed – no, he really wanted – to push his hips into her hand and let his cum fly out of his hardened rooster. “Ma’am, that is a positive sentiment,” he wheezed for her. He realized he needed to hear the words groaning her. Playing with her bare feet and soles.

His fancy woman grinned extensively and her white teeth showed up on her pink lips. “Alright,” she snarled at him delicately. Desire and enthusiasm dribbled from her lips and seemed like music in his ears, the music faded away as her hand eased back her stroking movement and laid on his quills. “I realize you’re going to cum Slave.” You are not permitted to cum until I tell you, “she requested energetically. Her free hand ran its sharp nails along the whole length of his chest, and red imprints extended on his tanned skin. Little red dabs showed up on his skin, however vanished as her tongue absorbed the fluid and squeezed his tongue into his slave’s mouth.

“You’re such a decent slave – you realize that?” She asked as her body unwound from his. Her hips influenced perfectly as she crossed to the opposite side of the room and told him, “Don’t contact yourself yet. I’ll let you know when you can continue to rub that well known Slave rooster. “The snow-white skin on her butt radiated on the dark high heels that conveyed her to the seat straightforwardly inverse him. His eyes drank her structure as she sat richly on a saucer seat, her thighs firmly bound together.”

“Do you like my shoes? Obviously she did, “her hot voice sang as her open-toed heels were lifted into the air so I could see her toes whirling. His special lady twisted down to unfasten her shoes. Her dark impact points stayed on the ground as she slipped her feet out of their grasp, her toenails stroking the lower part of her feet gently prior to permitting them to contact the exposed floor.

The delicate foot was raised barely enough to lay her leg on her free knee. The toes on her hanging leg were somewhat highlighted show that she had no nail clean on them. His heart was beating quicker as his tongue flew out of his mouth, the distance between them excessively incredible for his tongue to lick her fragile fingers. Blood immersed his erect penis and pulsated slowly against his internal veins.

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